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Please call me to discuss fees for psychotherapy. While I do have a regular fee for my work, I do hold aside time in my schedule to accommodate those who need to work at a reduced fee.


I am an out of network provider, which means that I am not paid by insurance companies for my work. Patients pay me in full directly, and those with out of network benefits may receive substantial reimbursement from their insurance companies for psychotherapy. I provide the documentation you'll need to file these claims. When calling your insurance company to ascertain details of your out of network benefits, ask if there is a deductible for these benefits; after this deductible is met, at what rate they reimburse for psychotherapy; what their "reasonable and customary fee" is; and if there are maximums that they will pay per year.

Payment methods

I accept payment electronically via Zelle to I bill at the end of the month, and ask to be paid the following time we meet.

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